Expressing satisfaction and disatisfaction

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Expressing satisfaction and disatisfaction
(Ungkapan yang digunakan dalam menyatakan puas dan tidak puas)
*  Asking about satisfaction / dissatisfaction
v  How  do you like yuor room
v Is everything O.K
v Is everything satisfactory
v Are you satisfied
v Did you find our service satisfactory
v Do you know to complain about something
v Was something not to you satisfaction
v Are you disatisfaction with something
* Formal situations
.....very pleased with....
.....content with....
.....satisfied with......
.....very delighted with......
....displeased with.....
....discontented with.....
.....dissatisfied with....
......disappointed with.......
·      Informal situations
*  Rasa puas (satisfaction)
*   I’m completely satisfaction with everything you’ve done for me
*   It was satisfactory
*   Everything is fine, thank you
*   Everything was just perfect
*   It makes me satisfied
*   It gives me satisfaction
*   I feel satisfaction / contented with it
*   I really like my new haircut
*   Tidak puas (disatisfaction)
*      It is disatisfactory
*      I want to make a complaint
*      I don’t like the color
*      I am disatisfied with it
*      I am tired of working here
*      It makes me disatisfactory
*      Horrible!
*      Very sad!
*      Annoying!
*      Dissappointing!
*      Frustrating!
*Responding to dissatisfaction :
·       I see
·       I’m sorry to hear that
·       I’ll look into it
·       I’ll see what I can do about it
·       I’ll try and take care of it
* Example for  expressing satisfaction:
1.        Bella     :    Miss. Sahara,  how’s yuor its result sits for an examination?
                          Miss.sahara :    super! I’m very satisfied with my result sits for an examination.
2.       Dea      :    Denis, how’s with your holiday?
                           Denis   :    Funtastic! I’m very pleased with my holiday.
3.       Ayu      :    Andre, how’s your classmate?
                          Andre  :    I’m happy enough with my new classmate.
                        Expressing :
4.       I am satisfied with the cleanliness of your class
5.       I am very satisfied with the implementation of this year ospek
6.       I am very pleased to be able to pass school exams with good grades.
7.       I am very happy with the appearance in a football match yesterday .
 Example for Expressing dissatisfaction:
1.        I am less satisfied with the cleanliness of your class.
2.       I am less satisfied with the waiters at this restaurant.
3.       I was disappointed with the service the bank here.
4.       I am very disappointed with your grades.
5.       I don’t like the color because too flashy.
6.       I am a bit disappointed with service in the restaurant.
7.       I am little dissatisfied  with replicates the results of your physical.
8.       I am very disappointed with this school performance.

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